Creative Uses for Bed Sheets Beyond the Bed

Before you toss your worn or stained sheets in the trash, stop and think about using those sheets in new ways. There are so many different ways that you can reuse your favorite sheets and make use of the fun designs or colors on the fabric. One fun way to use the sheets is by turning those sheets into window treatments. Measure the length of your window and cut the sheets into panels the same length as the windows. Fold the top two inches over and stitch the fabric together. Slide a curtain rod through this pocket and use the sheets as curtains.


Vintage sheets have great colors and patterns. Turn those vintage sheets into artwork for your home. Purchase a large poster frame or another type of frame. Measure the size of the frame and cut a piece from the sheet slightly larger than the frame. Make sure that the piece you cut doesn’t have any damage or stains. Cut a piece of cardboard to the same size as the frame. Spray the cardboard with spray adhesive and wrap the fabric around it. Affix the sheet to the back of the cardboard with more adhesive and slide inside the frame.

Another creative ways to reuse old sheets is by using the fabric as new upholstery. This idea only works if you have multiple sheets in good condition because one sheet is not large enough to recover a chair, let alone a couch. You can also cut the sheets into panels or pieces and stitch those pieces together to make aprons, tote bags, rugs or skirts. If you have a few sheets with stains, then consider making a rag rug. You cut the sheets into thin strips and weave the pieces together, which hides any of the damage.

You can even reuse old sheets with a large number of stains and sheets that have rips or tears. Drape the sheets over plants during the winter to keep frost and moisture from killing the plants. The sheets are also great when you move because you can wrap the fabric around furniture and keep other furniture from banging against it and scratching the surface. The next time you eat outside, use the old sheets as a picnic blanket or as a tablecloth for your picnic table. You can also lay the sheets down as bedding for your pets, or stitch two sheets together and stuff to make a quick dog or cat bed.

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